Teaching Statement


I believe that everyone should be educated with equal opportunity and it should not be based on the background of the students. I will leave all prejudice outside of my classroom and if needed I will encourage students to do so too when I see a problem amongst them. The atmosphere I strive for is a positive one where students feel at ease. In the realm of art making, it is vital that the students are able to express their emotions and passion through the creation of artwork without feeling the pressure from those surrounding them. It’s a way for students to release their energy constructively and hopefully they gain satisfaction from the activity.


I anticipate that building relationships and getting to know my students is essential. By doing so, the communication between me and the students will flourish. Also, if I take the special care to sympathize with my students, then they will respect me more and we won’t have many conflicts within the classroom because we will have a mutual understanding. This connection is best made or at least put into action on the first day of class. The sooner that a teacher reaches out to students the better.


I think that I will incorporate both a variation of student-centered and teacher-centered learning environment in the classroom. Since I will be an art educator; I feel that there should be some freedom within the art classroom. I envision that not everyone will be able to do a medium and I will allow them to choose what medium they want depending on the requirements of the project if it is a choice based assignment. Students should have the chance to experiment with multiple mediums which could range from traditional to digital. However, there will still be a teacher created assignment or prompt for the art projects using the Enduring Ideas as a base. It is also an important factor that cross-curriculum connections are seen with the topic of projects. This keeps the students invested in the artworks that they create by allowing them to recognize real world issues and relevance to their lives. The use of technology will come in handy within the classroom especially when used with a set of younger generation students. The platforms aren’t foreign to them plus it’ll make the lesson plans seems more current. These technological resources are also a nice aid to teaching. I can post personally filmed demonstrations of certain art techniques such as a guide to mixing paint colors on YouTube on a channel exclusively made for the class to view if they need a reminder. 


I’ve had the pleasure to work with students through a few volunteer opportunities and a week-long summer art camp. The students were excited to get their hands dirty and create their own art. It was a great experience and wonderful to see the students’ enthusiasm after seeing what projects were going to be doing.


The past art teachers from my education career have touched my heart and I would love to do the same for my students. I even keep in contact with a few of my art teachers from high school while I pursue my degree at the University of North Texas. They are great mentors and they openly share their experiences as an art educator with me when I need a direction. They’ve set goals as to whom I want to be as an art teacher. I’m very grateful towards them for fueling my excitement regarding art. Without their dedication for embracing students’ talents, I would not be where I am today.

-Brianna Rebosio