Artist Statement

Typically, my artwork will contain with one or more figure. In these works, it shows the figures’ interaction with one another or in the case of a single figure their interaction with the world around them. Sometimes the figures may not be interacting directly but their facial expression or body language displayed is key on revealing the mood of the artwork. I enjoy the unique appearance of each figure that I happen upon. This is the inspiration that I generally draw from.

Much of my artwork is made based family members and close friends or people I am constantly engaging with. These bodies of work are slightly different in theme. I can input a certain characteristic that only I know into the forms of these familiar individuals. The artworks derived from people I know seem have more feeling and context. I try to understand their struggles and standpoints from where they come from in order to effectively exhibit their qualities in a lasting piece. The other direction of my art takes place around someone I haven’t formally met but I’ve observed from afar while documenting their presence. They unknowingly haven’t met me yet nor will they ever but I feel like I’ve met them. A spontaneous encounter really. There is an air of mystery surrounding those artworks and the people within them. They’re intimate in space but distant in retrospect. Ultimately, all I’m left with is my hollow memory and a few photographs of them that I would use to create piece from. The photograph could also be the work itself.

The mediums I predominately work with but I am not restricted to are oil paint, charcoal, and graphite. I appreciate these mediums for their blending ability and potential as an easily build-able substance that can have many layers. As for the painting surface, I normally perform my art on a canvas or wooden panel depending on how much give I want my paintbrushes to have.

-Brianna Rebosio