The Dentist

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The Dentist (2017) | 46 x 8in | White Charcoal & Graphite on toned paper

Brianna Rebosio the Dentist

These following drawings are all the same height and are meant to be displayed in a line on the gallery wall. The long compositions are simulating a quick, but nervous glance as the viewer looks around the space of the dentist office. When I drew these photographs, the center of attention was placed on the inanimate objects and the articles of clothing or accessories that shielded the human qualities of my dentist. This concealment of the figure and the subject matter evokes a sense of unease – at least to me.


The Dentist Studies (2017) | 7 ½ x 41 ½ in | Heavy Body Acrylic Paint on canvas

I created these studies that focused on the main forms of the compositions for the final drawings. One of the paintings is different from the third final drawing because I decided to swap my photo reference for one with a stronger composition.


Shown in the National Art Education Association Exhibition at the Cora Stafford Gallery in Denton, TX.