Don’t Look Inside the Hole

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Don’t Look Inside the Hole (2018) | 30 x 45in | Oil paint on wood panel

I took some photographs back in the summer of 2014 in Mineral Wells, TX. Not very many people have seen these images because I basically was trespassing in the name of art… The only viewers that have laid their eyes on the archived photos from this secret exploration amounts to around 5 people currently. This location stands a hotel that was shut down in 1972. Being a historical site built in 1929, there were efforts to restore it to its former beauty but only at the cost of millions of funding that the city does not have.

In order to take these photos, I had to squeeze through jail-like bars meant to keep personnel such as myself outside of the building. The last photo I took inside of the room was the photograph displaying a large hole broken through the wall. I heard a noise – possibly a sign of life beyond that wall. This was the classic setting of a horror movie, so you best believe I ran back to the window that I had came in through. This photo still sends chills throughout my body so, I decided to paint it to see if it gives me the same feeling. The painting does remind me of the memories both good and bad but I feel more fond of the imagery. I appreciate the way I took the time to carefully paint it.

I absolutely love objects that are dilapidated, and I’m drawn to sites that are long abandoned. I have not urban explored in years. Most of which is because I don’t want to get caught and receive a fine. It’s also very dangerous to walk around in a place that was closed off to the public..