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Whismsical Forms by Brianna Rebosio
Abstract Painting Sculpture

Whimsical Forms

(2016) | 33 1/2in tall x 13in wide x 8in deep | Steel, Heavy Body Acrylic Paint The artwork I decided to reinterpret for my Steel project is the painting The Garden of Earthly Delights by the Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch which dates to 1505. The triptych piece is an oil on panel. Bosch was one […]

Sinister Shoes by Brianna Rebosio

Sinister Shoes

(2016) | 9in x 9in 5in | Bronze Casting with Patina, Polyurethane, Rhinestone As I was creating this piece, other female classmates came by and commented on the tiny heels. They unfailingly said that they were cute or pretty. Their reaction towards these objects was an instant response which I feel that they were conditioned […]

Trademark Giovanni Face by Brianna Rebosio

Trademark Giovanni Face

(2016) | 25in x 19in – uncropped | Charcoal, White Charcoal, Graphite on toned paper This is a white and black charcoal drawing on toned paper of my brother, Giovanni. He is constantly making many derpy faces and I can’t get a normal photograph of him. This drawing embodies his sometimes goofy personality.

Ocsillating Otter by Brianna Rebosio

Oscillating Otter

(2016) | 5in x 14 ½ in x 6in | Select Pine Wood, acrylic on ball form I arrived to the concept of creating a rocking otter sculpture in a peculiar way. When I thought of something in constant motion, I immediately thought of water. Then I began to brainstorm about what inhabits the ocean […]